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MATLAB is high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-user environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation.

Anna University offers a campus-wide license to MATLAB and companion products. All faculty and students are eligible to use cloud based MATLAB Online via their internet browser, or download and install it on their personally-owned computers. Additionally, MATLAB can be installed on any university-owned computer

A. Steps for using MATLAB in internal University Computers (Concurrent mode):

  1. Download the respective ISO file for the target OS from here.
  2. All the files necessary for concurrent mode of installation is made available in the respective directory.
  3. Follow the installer instructions to complete the setup
  4. During installation select only the required toolboxes for better user experience and efficient system resources utilisation
  5. For installation guidance read the docs located here
  6. The required activation files for concurrent installation can be downloaded from here
  7. Call helpline 044 2235 8021 for telephonic assistance

Screencast for installing MATLAB in concurrent mode:

B. Steps for using MATLAB in your personal devices (Individual mode):

All academic users who have a registered Microsoft Teams login credentials (username and password) can follow the steps given below to download, install and activate MATLAB in individual license mode in your personal devices. Others need to register with RCC for credentials following the Microsoft Teams registration procedure.

  1. Follow this link and login using your Microsoft Teams login credentials
  2. You will be authenticated and authorised to create an account at Mathworks and complete the account creation and registration procedure at Mathworks portal
  3. Download the respective MATLAB installation files from Mathworks
  4. Install, login using Mathworks account credentials (which you just created at Mathworks) and activate MATLAB
  5. View the screencast provided for more information
  6. Call helpline 044 2235 8021 for any telephonic assistance

Screencast for installing MATLAB in individual mode:

For using MATLAB in other modes:

Instructions will be updated soon

For more information on MATLAB follow the below link:

Using MATLAB at Anna University